Formed in 1999, CodeAmerica Investments is a private equity firm focused on investing in early-stage private companies with high growth potential within the oil and gas and mining industries. With approximately $100 million of assets under management, CodeAmerica is particularly interested in backing strong management teams in emerging and performing markets. Investments are selected for their ability to create value for management and investors over a three to five year period and over time, their ability to attract the favorable attention of the public equities markets

Geographic Preference

CodeAmerica invests in companies domiciled in North America, South America and Central America, The Company’s focused geography supports a close working relationship with its portfolio companies. In special circumstances, CAI may invest outside its target geographical boundaries. CodeAmerica has offices in The United States and Canada.


Our philosophy is based on creating a value-added network of support for early-stage companies. CodeAmerica’s combined platform of being a capital provider, owner, and value added Board member, along with its available resources through its advisory group, provide our companies a complete suite of services. This is how we envision our role as a partner with management teams that can focus on doing what they do best, which is execute the business plan, while we focus on strategic growth and capital raising. Our goal is to find management teams we can believe in and corporate visions we can get excited about. The perfect investment for CodeAmerica is one where we are able to bring our capital, structuring and deal making expertise, and Strategic Partner relationships along with our resources and infrastructure to complement the efforts of a management team that has the ability to execute on its business plan, meeting milestones and delivering value to all stakeholders.

Stage of Development

CodeAmerica has a balanced portfolio focused on early-stage companies as well as appropriate seed-stage and mid-stage companies. Seed-stage companies have a promising business opportunity, and a not-yet complete management team, and have little or no revenue. Early-stage companies have demonstrated proof of concept, have the core management in place and usually have limited revenue. Generally, mid-stage companies have meaningful assets, a complete management team and $2-$3 million of revenue.


CodeAmerica’s investments are directed toward companies that are focused on energy and mineral resource development and the development of innovative technology for utilization both within and outside the resource industry such as oil and gas leases, mining claims or a newly developed technology patent or license to be marketed within the industry.


CodeAmerica co-invests with top venture funds in North America, Europe and the Middle East in order to bring additional value to its portfolio companies. In some cases, CodeAmerica leads investment syndicates and in other cases, CodeAmerica participates in a financing led by another Partner.