Business Plans

Every company should develop and use a succinct written business plan to guide its operations. The plan should describe:

  1. Brief company history including funding history
  2. Description of product or resources to be developed
  3. Specific market opportunity and target customers/ expansion potential of leasehold position
  4. Business model including distribution strategy/resource development strategy
  5. Benefits and competitive advantage of offering
  6. Competitive analysis
  7. Strategic marketing and selling /resource market logistics
  8. Experience of management team
  9. Funding requirements and valuation expectations
  10. Financial history and 3-year projections

To expedite the initial review process, CodeAmerica urges companies to provide an Executive Summary before sending a complete business plan. E-mail is preferred.

We try to review business plan summaries within a week of their receipt. The complete due diligence process involves several meetings with management, professional and customer (if applicable) references, financial and market analysis and term sheet discussions. As a small, non-bureaucratic fund, this process is streamlined and can take as little as a couple of weeks. More typically, the process of getting to know each other takes about two months.